Friday, October 20, 2006

Another Great Sexography Review

Artistically Inclined
Alessio Brio & Will Belegon

Looking for ways to stave off boredom in her new sex life with Kevin Rogers, Cyndi Ellington comes up with the idea of them each creating a Valentine's Day list of their sexual . After letting Kevin know what she has in mind, the only worry now, for Cyndi, is whether their minds are closely matched enough in the bedroom for the relationship to work.

After reading Amichu and loving it, I had a fair idea that I wouldn't be disappointed with Artistically Inclined. However, they should and will be reviewed on their own merit.

One particular observation became apparent to me whilst reading AI: this novel left me decidedly hot and wet. The book had an air of sensuality throughout and that more than anything tends to turn me on. I have an idea, too, that the homoerotic scenes might have had something to do with it as well!

The couple decide to abstain from any sex play until Valentine's Day and the sexual tension literally drips off the words thereafter. Plus, a sneak preview of both lists only serves to heighten that sensation and will have you craving that impending release. So with eroticism, sensuality and tension, AI should be one of your novels of choice.

Carrie White, Erotic Writer

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