Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sexography Reviews "Erotique"

Mandy has inherited the famous sex toy store and museum, Erotique, following the unfortunate death of her Aunt Viv. Taking note of the conditions set out in the will, she pays a visit to the family legacy to spend her first night amongst all the ancient artefacts. Accompanied by her best friend, Bruce, Mandy experiences the extraordinary trait of some of the exhibits first hand. In addition to this, she realises her feelings for her friend have taken on a completely new lease of life.

As with all of the books so far in this particular series, thorough research has helped enormously to create an interesting and informative piece of fiction. Strong characters with well-developed personalities, raunchy descriptive sex scenes and a storyline that possesses stamina, ensures that readers of this genre will remember this series with fondness for many years to come.

Carrie White, Erotic Writer

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Sounds like a great review! :)