Saturday, July 02, 2005

Introducing ... ME!

(updated 6 November 2007)

Suppose I should introduce myself, eh? My name's Alessia Brio, and I am an author & a poet & an editor & a cover artist. I am primarily published by Phaze, but I also have work with Torquere Press, Charles River Press, and at the subscription-based story sites Ruthie's Club and Tit-Elation. In addition, some of my work can be read at Oysters & Chocolate (which is now free to access). For a complete list, visit my website and click on the "books" link.

Let's see ... a bit about me:

I spend most of my time crusading for the disadvantaged, ranting about social injustice, and performing my domestic duties as a work-from-home mom. When I slow down, however, my imagination takes over. After years of painting delicious images in my mind, I finally decided to capture them with words. Much to my delight, they’ve been well-received.

Everyone, I believe, possesses an exquisitely vivid and varied imagination when it comes to sex. A few are blessed with the time and the talent and the desire to convert their "mind movies" into words on paper – or on a screen – for others to enjoy.

Oh, and the obligatory shameless plug: I'm proud to be the editor in a philanthropic publishing venture entitled Coming Together, serial collections of varied erotica, original illustrations, and poetry that benefit various charities.

Hmmm ... what else? Oh, yeah:

Folks can contact me at alessia [at]

peace & passion,

~ Alessia