Sunday, December 04, 2005

CTR Review of Erotique

ISBN# 1-59426-548-8
October 2005
Rating: 4 Cups

Mandy is a college student who just inherited the family business—a sex shop called Erotique. She is about to learn that Erotique is more than just an average shop.

Bruce is Mandy’s friend, but he would like to be more than just her friend. Erotique just might give him what he wants.

Erotique has been in Mandy’s family since 1897 when it opened as a treatment center for ‘hysteria.’ Mandy will inherit the shop/museum as long as she can spend the night there during the next full moon. It seems that some of the exhibits are haunted — some dangerous and some quite enjoyable. With Bruce’s help, can Mandy survive the night in Erotique?

This is a great short story filled with a lot of personality. Ms. Brio creates a well-written, clever erotic jaunt shaped with colorful characters. Ms. Brio’s use of distinctive dialog really makes the characters shine as individuals. I especially enjoyed the interesting history on sex toys. Erotique is perfect for anyone who likes erotica with a unique twist.

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