Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blood on Love

You have to register (free) in order to read (also free) all 32 "Just One Bite" contest finalists, but it's well worth the effort. My story, Blood on Love, has some tough competition!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Just One Bite

News from the ARe Cafe: The 32 finalists have been chosen (and I'm one of 'em)! Look for these stories on All Romance on September 22. Voting for Round 1 begins on October 1. Good luck to all the finalists! Read a bit more about my story, Blood on Love, below.

Gathered Here This Night – Ada Maria Sot
The Run – Rachel Maria Gallagher
NC-17 – Debra Anastasia
Human – Sarah Gilman
A Fair Exchange – Ana Hart
At His Knee – Raven Corinn Carluk  
Blood on Love – Alessia Brio
Night Carnival – Kathryn Meyer Griffith
To Love Again – Allie Ritch
Reflection of Love – Juliet Cardin
How Much is that Vampire in the Window – Ann Hinnenkamp
Inhuman Resources – Melisse Aires
Two Birds, One Stone – Barbara Elsborg
You Will Not Kill Me – Elaine Lowe
Ritual Ink – Joely Sue Burkhart
Red in Tooth and Claw – Kim Knox
Going Wild – Jocelyn Michel
The Vampire Next Door – Lauren Hawkeye
Ownership – Ashlynn Monroe
By the Fireside – Shermaine Williams
His For the Taking – Angelita Gill
This Cowboy Bites – Randi Alexander
Every Last Bite – Christine DePetrillo
Original Sin – Rosalie Stanton
Taste of a Werewolf – Megan Derr
The Visitor – Rukaya Hamdi
Bound for Death – Anitra Lynn McLeod
Bite the Dust – Sarah Madison
Friends, Not Food – Julia Talbot
Of Men and Mice – Mara Ismine
I Promise – Cardeno C.
Sitting a Feisty Stallion – ID Locke

 ~ ~ ~

Blood on Love


Jadzia is a misfit among outcasts. At an age when happiness is typically contingent upon fitting in, she wears a shield of indifference. Inside, loneliness consumes her. It isn’t until she encounters L’Aran that she discovers a world in which she not only belongs, but is powerful beyond her wildest fantasies. 


Teen cutter, Jadzia, is without any color in her life. Nothing inspires. Her mother’s funeral brings her into contact with the mysterious L’Aran, who awakens feelings she wasn’t even aware were repressed. Together they begin to unravel the mystery of their very being, the heights of their power, and the depths to which others will go to pervert it.