Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sexography Reviews ArtiFactual

ArtiFactualCarrie White, of Sexography, reviews Artifactual: Tales of the Erotique Mystique:
With the obvious success of the erotic adventures of Bruce and Mandy, Alessia Brio and Will Belegon have really pulled out all the stops to round this collection off perfectly. The newest addition to this series, Closing Arguments, is much longer than the rest but, I feel, is by far the best of the bunch.

Hauntings, erotic, passionate scenes and intrigue are just a few of the treats awaiting you from one of the finest writer collaborations in the Erotic genre.

RT Review of Phaze Fantasies I

Fantasies I will be released on 5 March:

Monday, February 26, 2007

CTR Reviews "Artistically Inclined"

Artistically InclinedCoffee Time Romance had some really nice things to say about Artistically Inclined:
The first two pages immediately draw you in and hook you. The description of the art and the feeling Cyndi has while painting it are vibrant and colorful. The reader can practically feel the passion she has for her work, and particularly this piece. Bring in the Alpha male and you have a passionate explosion worthy of reading time and time again. This story will definitely not leave you wanting for anything. The sex is exhilarating, but tastefully done at the same time.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Reviews at FAR

Amanda H. from Fallen Angel Reviews had some really nice things to say about our recent and upcoming releases:

San Diego Sunset"What a fantastically fun read. San Diego Sunset was definitely not what I expected when I first started reading it; although I should have known it would be amazing with authors Alessia Brio and Will Belegon. Everything these two write together is outstanding. Somehow, they always manage to keep their stories and characters fresh and full of fun."

Artistically Inclined"Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, we have lift off! What an energetic, engaging, passionate, lust-filled story. Authors Alessia Brio and Will Belegon are amazing together. I loved Cyndi and Kevin. Both of these characters came from bad previous relationships and were willing to do anything to be creative and keep this new relationship on fire. Everything about Artistically Inclined was superb, from the characters and the plot to the hot and heavy sex scenes. I cannot wait to read more from these two amazing authors."

ArtiFactualAnd, with regard to our Mandy & Bruce anthology which contains the previously published stories (Erotique, Switch, and Amichu) plus a brand new story (Closing Arguments) that's longer than the earlier three combined: "If you’re looking for a collection of stories with the same characters throughout with a ton of crazy sex with items you’ve probably never even thought of, then this story is definitely for you. However, I do suggest buying this whole collection instead of each individual book..."

NOTE: Previous FAR reviews of a couple of the stories in ArtiFactual: Erotique and Switch.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007


AmichuMrs. Giggles reviewed Amichu. I'm not gonna comment about the review itself on this blog. If you wanna read my thoughts, pop on over to MySpace.

Amichu is the latest sexual adventure of Mandy and Bruce (Erotique, Switch). Well, after experiencing their body switch, they've now switched back into their old bodies again for an adventure to Rapa Nui to collect an artefact, a "huamanga carving", for their antique shop Erotique. As you can predict, these two spend most of their journey on their back.

Perhaps it is tough to follow up to a body switch act, but nonetheless Amichu is a disappointing story. The sex scenes are pretty mundane when I'm expecting the authors to at least incorporate some wild conga jungle monkey sex here or there. In fact, the story ends when our boinking twosome reach their destination so the story is less exotic that I'm led to believe. I'm hoping for more erotic jungle fever moments like Ms Brio has offered me in her collection of short stories fine flickering hungers but Amichu, at only 30 pages, is just begging me to ask in a most sarcastic manner, "Why is this short little thing even published in the first place?"

The sex isn't as good as that in the previous book and the story is actually half a story since it ends abruptly as if it's initially meant to be a part of a longer story. I believe these two authors are actually some of the few romantic erotica authors capable of writing erotic stories that actually make me curl my toes so it is a waste if they insist on putting out half-baked stories like Amichu. Why not wait a while to expand the story a little more and then publish it? Maybe Mommy needs new shoes, I suppose. I understand that the authors and Phaze have plans to package all the boinkersome adventures of Paul [sic] and Mandy into one collection. I'd suggest that people wait for that collection to come out instead of paying for something as short and unsatisfyingly truncated as Amichu.

Rating: 51

Friday, February 09, 2007

Promo Flyer

EPICon Binder Ad

An EPICon Event Announcement

Phaze's Rad 80s Party!

Break out your Jordache jeans, high-top Reeboks and flourescent clothes! Phaze, the erotic imprint of Mundania Press, LLC, is taking you back to the 1980s with their Rad 80s Party complete with food and drinks, a cash bar, a DJ spinning all of the old 80s tunes, and gift baskets and prizes for lucky attendees! The party will be March 10th at 9:30 p.m. directly after the EPPIES awards banquet at the Surfside Inn at 1211 Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Come dressed to impress in your best 80s-era gear. During the party, Phaze will unveil their newest find, the Phaze Phenom, the new face of Phaze. Authors, be ready. Along with the unveiling, Phaze will announce a special contest. Get a jump on the competition by being on the groundfloor when the announcement is made!

So come join the fun. The party is free and open to the public, however conference and/or banquet attendees will have a guaranteed spot in the party. Don't wait! The last day to register for the conference is February 15th, and the last day to purchase tickets to attend just the banquet is February 22nd! For more information on the conference and the hotel, go to http://www.epic-conference.com

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mrs. Giggles Reviews "Artistically Inclined"

Artistically Inclined, by Will Belegon & Alessia BrioI suppose we were due for a spanking from Mrs. Giggles. However, I can't help but be amused by her criticisms of Artistically Inclined:
Do take note that Artistically Inclined was published only a few months ago by Venus Press and the authors have merely switched book publisher after Venus Press starts experiencing perplexing mysterious issues like telephones and emails that never work without making any changes to the story.

In our story, Cyndi is in a relationship with Kevin. She's an artist while he sells sport equipment and all, so this could either end up in pieces or work beautifully to the grand finish. Currently, however, she feels that their sex life has fallen into a rut and, inspired by a sexy work she's been working on for an anonymous client, she decides to spice up things between her and Kevin this Valentine's day. They will exchange a list of five sexual fantasies and if they have any same sexual fantasy in their lists, they'll do that one come Valentine's Day. Boy, this could be asking for trouble, especially if the other person comes up with a list that includes not just his ex-girlfriend or Dakota Fanning but also his mother, the family bulldog, or something he's seen in a Japanese dirty cartoon involving tentacles.

Artistically Inclined is not a bad read at all but I feel that the payoff isn't as good as the build-up. For one, I'm intrigued by the painting Cyndi did since it was supposed to be sexy while at the same time fit for display in, say, a church or in a school. What is it that she ends up painting, I wonder? Also, the story has Cyndi thinking about how she'll only let Kevin do the backdoor thing to her if he's willing to take it backdoor as well or how Karen, Kevin's secretary, has a thing for Cyndi so I'm really looking forward for all kinds of mind-boggling permutations and combinations one can have for two guys and two gals in a bisexual free-for-all. However, the payoff is pretty mundane in comparison to the build-up since the sexual fantasy Kevin and Cyndi opt to carry out doesn't even cover a fraction of such possibility. I won't spoil what they end up doing, but Artistically Inclined doesn't push the envelope as much as it seems to promise me at the start of the story.

Perhaps if this is a longer story it would deliver all the graphic and naughty things it promises to in its set-up, but in its current short length, all it does is to set my expectations high and then leaves me hanging high and dry. That's not a very nice thing to do, I must say.

Rating: 73

Friday, February 02, 2007

Let's Do the Time Warp ...

Time Warp, by Alessia BrioHell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

My short story Time Warp was selected as one of Phaze's FURY line of HeatSheets. In addition, it will be the first release in Phaze's new UMBRA category.

Release is scheduled for April 9, 2007 which, coincidentally, is my birthday. *grin*

Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's February!

With the new month comes new ... ME! *grin*

I have an interview posted at Coffee Time Romance(It was supposed to go up in December, but they had some staff issues. I updated the interview for them, but apparently it got misplaced 'cause the version posted still mentions the holidays. *sigh*)

And, I have a new story in this month's issue of Oysters & Chocolate!

The 2006 Preditors & Editors polling ended last night at midnight.  Unofficially, it appears that I finished in the Top 10 in three categories:

Poem (Tapestry)
... and with Will ...
Short Story (Switch)