(updated 5 November 2011)

Suppose I should introduce myself, eh? My name's Alessia Brio. Yes, it's a pen name. I choose not to share my legal name because there are narrow-minded twats in my world who believe the most bizarre things about the rightness (or wrongness) of all things related to sex.

I live in the Appalachian Mountains near Pittsburgh where I making my living as an author, a poet, an editor, and a cover artist. I also sew, paint, craft, and costume. In short, I am a creative. Starting grand projects is one of my superpowers. Some I actually finish. Others gestate for years before taking root. Alas, some wither and die. There are too few hours in a day for all of my ideas. I also have a strong altruistic streak, meaning that I give away vast chunks of my time, energy, talents, and money. Why? 'Cause it makes me feel good (and giving is just damned sexy).

I started my writing journey at Literotica in 2004, where I was soon assimilated into its forum for writers, the Authors' Hangout. In those diverse threads, I discovered many like-minded individuals. I made lasting friendship.

In the spring of 2005, while compiling the first Coming Together charity anthology, I decided to pull all of my Literotica short stories and poetry into a single-author anthology and submit it to a publisher. I'm not exactly sure why. I suppose it was one of those "because it's there" actions. I did an online search for small press publishers of sexy stories, honed in on one with a name I favored (being a Piers Anthony fan), and sent my rag tag collection of erotica and angst-ridden poetry into the ether. I don't know that I expected more than a terse critique in response.

I turned my attention to other projects and promptly forgot about my manuscript. Less than a month later, I had a publication contract. My little book, fine flickering hungers, was released in November 2005 and went on to win an EPIC EBOOK AWARD for Best Erotica in 2007, a first for that publisher. It was also well-reviewed damned near everywhere, including a 4-star from Romantic Times BookLovers magazine.

For a couple years, I was content to publish with small press. However, I was keeping my eye on self-publishing platforms. I knew I had the writing, editing, graphic arts, and technology skills to go it alone. In late 2009, I made my escape. My personal publications and those co-written with Will Belegon were re-released under the shiny new label Purple Prosaic. The Coming Together titles which were with small press publishers were also re-released under the charity house's label.

I've never looked back. Sales are better than ever, and the fact that I get to pocket upwards of 70% of each sale does not suck in the least. Self-publishing isn't for everyone, but it's definitely for me. Readers can find the fruits of my dirty imagination on Amazon, Smashwords (and its distribution channels: B&N, Kobo, Sony, Apple's iBookstore, etc.), ARe/OmniLit, as well as direct purchase via Purple Prosaic.

peace & passion,

~ Alessia