Friday, March 31, 2006

Promo Mojo

Motivated by the final day of a Vista Print special, I ordered some new promotional postcards today. (Procrastinate? Me? Naw!) Anyway, check 'em out:

Brio (postcard)

Switch (postcard)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Barn Burner Magazine Interview

When did you first begin writing erotic fiction?

In the fall of 2003. Yup, that recently. Hard to believe that I’ve come (no pun intended) so far, so fast! I figure if I’m gonna expend the energy to do it, I might as well take it to the wall. Kinda my attitude about sex, too! *grin*

Does anyone close to you know that you write erotica? If so, what was their reaction?

Yeah. My bestest buddy knows, and she’s been instrumental in encouraging me to keep writing. (I think she likes it, y’know? REALLY likes it, if you catch my drift. *wink*)

My writing partner, Will Belegon, knows (of course) … and I think it’s safe to say that he is behind me all the way.

A few others in my life know I am an author, but they’ve not read my work. I’m sure they’re quite curious. They’re gonna have to stay that way, though, since I’ve no intention of exposing my young children to the provincial attitudes they’d undoubtedly face if it became known that their mama writes about some seriously uninhibited sex.

Has writing erotica affected your professional life?

Writing erotica IS my professional life. My other energies are focused on parenting and volunteer advocacy activities, with random paid gigs for web site development, conference presentations, and *ahem* “motivational” speaking.

What do you feel is the difference between erotica and romance?

Sex, of course. The traditional romance community, I believe, often turns up its nose at erotica – as if it’s the black sheep in the family – but I think that attitude is probably rooted in fear. Romance is nice, yes. Warm fuzzies and happily-ever-afters are nice. But, let’s face it, erotica is wildly popular because sex is wildly popular (and with damned good reason).

Have you written erotica based on your real life experiences?

Ah, the inevitable “autobiographical” question. *snicker* I’ll leave it up to the readers to decide whether or not I have an intimate knowledge of what I write. M’kay?

I will confess, however, that my story about being tongue fucked by ghouls is 100% true. *wink*

How has writing erotica affected your sex life?

Gettin’ warm in here! I’ll simply respond “for the better” and leave it at that, if you don’t mind.

Lastly, here are my shameless plugs …

Fans, potential fans, and cyber stalkers can stay on top of me … I mean, keep abreast … I mean, bone up … I mean … Oh, hell. They can just visit my blog at for the latest news.

Thanks, Brent! It’s been fun. *kiss*

Monday, March 27, 2006


Okay, so I'm duplicating the title of what I just posted on our collaborative blog (Artistically Inclined). I'm too damned GEEKED to come up with another title at the moment.

Will Belegon & I just got the news: Venus Press wants to contract Artistically Inclined!

So, you may ask, what's 27:15 got to do with anything?

Well, that is the amount of time elapsed between clicking "send" on the submission (yesterday at 12:30pm) until its acceptance by the publisher (today at 3:45pm). Does that RAWK or what?

FAR Interview

Fallen Angel Reviews is proud to welcome Alessia Brio this afternoon for a look at an author who not only writes but also puts her words where her mouth is by supporting foundations that fight for our online freedoms. Alessia, welcome and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am you took time to visit with our readers this today.

Alessia: I gotta tell ya, Rachelle, that these interviews are WAY fun for me. I never have any trouble talkin’ about myself. (Can’t imagine why! *wink*) So, I’m just as excited – especially since you’ve already mentioned one of my favorite pet projects.

Okay. I just poured a fresh cuppa ginger-peach tea and settled in to my comfy chair with my laptop on my legs. I’m ready. Fire away!

Rachelle: I have to admit I have so many questions and no clue which one to start with. ;) Let’s start with one of your releases from Phaze, Fine Flickering Hungers. How did you come up with such a catchy name?

Alessia: Well, first off (to be nit-picky), it’s fine flickering hungers – all lower case. The reason it’s written that way is because I swiped it from a poem entitled “The Moon Is Always Female” by Marge Piercy (my favorite poet). Here’s the passage:

There is knowing
with the teeth as well as knowing with
the tongue and knowing with the fingertips
as well as knowing with words and with all
the fine flickering hungers of the brain.

It has come to symbolize all of the desires we so often keep locked inside – either repressed or concealed. My goal with this book, and really with everything I write, is to throw those doors wide open to expose our innate sexual nature as healthy and powerful – to celebrate it rather than hide it as if it’s “dirty.”

Rachelle: You have electronic books, free short stories and are part of the print anthology Coming Together: An Erotic Cocktail. When you think of all the work that went into completing each project, which brings with it the most pride and fulfillment?

Alessia: While I am very proud of my publications with Phaze and Torquere Press (and hope to have many more), my true fulfillment comes from altruistic endeavors. Thus, Coming Together is more important to me than my own personal success. It truly is a labor of love.

Rachelle: Since I mentioned it, I would be remiss not to ask you to tell our readers about the anthology Coming Together: An Erotic Cocktail. Can you explain a little about how this collection of novels came to be and your personal reasons for participating in such a worthy cause?

Alessia: For the past few years, I’ve been a part of an online forum for authors of erotica – really terrific people with some amazing talent. Last spring, we were tossing around ideas on how to put out a print collection of our best work. The timing coincided with a free speech writing contest, and we decided that was an ideal cause to which to donate our revenues. Our first volume went on sale in June 2005, and we’ve published three more volumes since then (roughly quarterly) – with another coming soon. Each is a collection of erotic short stories, poetry, and original illustrations: hot stuff in a variety of sub-genres (hence the “cocktail” part).

Coming Together is an all volunteer effort managed entirely by consensus of the forum participants. We really have, as the title implies, “come together” to produce this series. I hope it continues indefinitely!

Here, lemme plug the site:

Rachelle: I went to the Erotic Anthology store and noticed a special edition version of Coming Together. I was impressed all proceeds go to help Hurricane Katrina victims. That is very giving and compassionate and I’m sure our readers would agree that you all deserve a big thank you. Has this special edition been well received?

Alessia: Actually, all the editions have been equally well received. The special edition is our only themed issue (to date) in that each story and poem, appropriately, relates to storms.

Rachelle: Along with being an erotic writer you are also an entrepreneur. Would you like to tell our readers about Alessia’s Erotique and where they can go to experience the pleasure to be had at your online store?

Alessia: The online toy store was kind of an afterthought. A lot of my stories feature sex toys, and I figured one way to promote those stories was to show the readers where they could find them – and buy them, if interested. Thus, I created an affiliation with a large vendor such that I receive a percentage of any sales generated through my website and/or blog. I pump all the income back into promotions and professional development. Folks can visit Alessia’s Erotique at

I’ve also started an independent sex toy review blog entitled “Toys for Tarts” where visitors can read, write, or request a review of any product – all anonymously, of course. Its home is

Rachelle: Now that we’ve discussed your writing and business I want to give our readers a broader view about you and wondered if you could tell us a little about your home life. In your blog you mentioned being a stay at home mom. Do you find it hard to keep a writing schedule or are you strict with your creative time?

Alessia: Writing schedule? BWAH! With three pre-teen kids, any sort of schedule that centers around anything other than kids’ activities is a pipe dream. And, now that I’m published, writing time must also be balanced with promo time (like doing interviews *grin*). I write whenever I can sneak it into my day – usually while waiting for the dryer to stop so I can fold yet another load of laundry. (Sexy, huh?) I do find, however, that when nearing completion on a story, I can get rather snarky. (I know, I know. It’s hard to believe!) When that happens, I lock myself in a room and have meals poked in with a stick.

Rachelle: When you’re not spending time with your family or writing what do you do in your spare time for personal enjoyment?

Alessia: What spare time? I have trouble squeezing a shower and a meal into each day. Besides, writing IS personal enjoyment. Getting paid for it is just icing. “Researching” is also verrrry enjoyable.

Rachelle: Alessia, for pure entertainment and to get another angle of you as a person, if you were stranded in the rainforest and could keep three items from your luggage as you worked your way back to civilization what would those items be?

Alessia: A rainforest, eh? Having been to a rainforest, I would opt for a bug net, spare shoes, and a super sexy tour guide. (I always carry a super sexy tour guide in my luggage. Don’t you?)

Rachelle: With most of your work being in an electronic format, is this your preferred method of reading or do you find the need to curl up with a paperback from time to time?

Alessia: When I read, I still prefer print. Eye strain is part of the reason, but the rest is just habit that I hope to shake – since I believe eBooks will eventually replace print.

Rachelle: As a blossoming author, what or who has had the most influence in guiding your writing career?

Alessia: I’m blossoming? Cool. *grin* I’d really have to say that my colleagues in the Author’s Hangout (forum) at Literotica have influenced me the most. And a big note of thanks to accomplished erotic author Gwen Masters who has provided a ton of sage advice along the way.

Rachelle: I noticed you have a release coming this month from Torquere Press called Hallowing Eve, can you tell us a little bit about the story?

Alessia: Hallowing Eve is a short-short story – a hot little vignette, really – about female friends who become lovers during a weekend getaway. I’m told it will appear in the March issue of Fresh Off the Vine, which should be released any day now. I’m hoping it’s just the first work I’m able to share through Torquere.

Rachelle: For readers who would love to know more about you and your work do you have any upcoming chats or appearances scheduled? If so, please let our fans know when and where.

Alessia: I join a number of regular (monthly) chats with the other Phaze authors. Folks can visit my blog at to view my calendar (right sidebar – scroll way down).

Appearances are tougher to manage, as they invariably involve travel away from home & family, but I hope to participate in the upcoming NYC event “Phaze in the City.” (Stay tuned for details!)

Rachelle: Alessia, I thank you for being candid and granting this interview which allows our readers into your world so they could have a clearer view of the real person behind the fabulous work. So our readers won’t lose track of any updates, where can readers and fans find additional information about you?

Alessia: Readers can stay on top of me… (Wait, that didn’t come out right!) Ahem. Everything you ever wanted to know about Alessia Brio can be found via

Rachelle: Thank you again and I eagerly await your new release Hallowing Eve.

Alessia: Thank YOU, Rachelle!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Power Surge ...

Switch by Will Belegon & Alessia Brio
We just got the news! Switch, the sequel to Erotique, was selected by Phaze as part of its Spring Surge HeatSheet line. Here's a sneak peak:

© Will Belegon & Alessia Brio

Amanda Long nudged open the office door with her toe and finished the job with her hip. The large box she held blocked her view of Bruce, who sat at the large desk. He pecked at the keyboard with two fingers, a deep crease in his brow.

"Little help here, stud?" she called with just a hint of annoyance in her voice. "This is heavy."

Bruce grunted his displeasure at the interruption as he circled the desk to relieve Mandy of her burden. "Lemme guess," his tone softening somewhat when he felt its weight, "you're adding bowling balls to the inventory?"

"Just batteries, Einstein. Most vibrators need batteries, after all. I thought it was a logical addition."

With a heavy sigh, Mandy plopped onto the sofa. While she loved running Erotique, the famous sex toy shop and museum took nearly all her time and energy. Bruce's, too. It seemed they spent more nights on the inflatable mattress in the cramped office than they did in their nice new apartment.

"Over there," she pointed in response to his unspoken question, and watched with weary admiration as he effortlessly placed the box where indicated. Even through the pinpoint oxford, his shoulders were quite impressive. When he joined her on the sofa, she swung her opposite leg across his lap and straddled him in one fluid motion.

"I'm sorry I've been such a bitch lately. We're both working way too hard. We need more play time, and I don't just mean sex—although more of that would be nice, too. So tell me, counselor," she continued after a conciliatory kiss, "is this lawsuit going forward?"

Bruce shrugged and ran a hand through his hair. "That's what I was working on when you came in. It's the price of success, Man. The vultures smell a great big liability policy. Their case is without merit and they know it. They're just hopin' you'll settle for fifty grand or so just to make 'em go away. Might not be a bad idea, y'know. Insurance'll cover the settlement, and I'll take a blow job in lieu of my attorney fee. It's a steal, I tell ya."

"There is no way I'm settling! That'd be like hanging a sign over the door: Frivolous Lawsuits Welcome. As for your fee," she paused to wiggle her bottom in an intentionally stirring manner, "do you barter this way with all your clients?"

"Only the feisty entrepreneurs who give incredible head," Bruce confessed with a wink. "Let's go home tonight, Man. It's supposed to storm—the first real thunderstorm of the season—and I want to spend it in our new bed with you wrapped around me."

"Mmm. Sounds good to me. I'll have Sam close so we can leave early, too. Let's get some wine and cheese—oh, and some fresh fruit. I wanna have a mattress picnic."

"Who needs food? With you on that mattress, I can't think about anything else."

"You'll need sustenance, counselor. Trust me on this one. C'mon," she stood and tugged on Bruce's hands. "Let's get out o' here before someone tries to stop us. I'll go make sure everything's squared away with the staff. You finish up your paperwork. Meet you at Appetites to fill our picnic basket. How's twenty minutes sound? Oh, and bring that box on the desk, too. Somethin' new to—um—field test."

"Bossy bitch." He grinned. "The things I do to get my cock sucked these days. Sheesh!"

* * *

"Evening, Jay!"

"Well, g'day, Bruce!"

Bruce gave a tired grin. "I told you before, Jay. I'm neither a great white shark nor Australian."

"Ah, hell. I know. Can't help it, Bruce. My kids still watch that movie 'bout ten times a day. I get home and ask how school was, and they do this…" Jay let out a long slow moan that modulated up and down in time with the chime on the door signaling Mandy's entrance.

"Gee, I didn't know you spoke whale, Jay," she said as she sauntered over and kissed Bruce on the cheek.

"My kids think I do, Ms. Long. As soon as I learn to tell the difference between asking for mac' and cheese for dinner and being sent to the principal's office, I should be okay. So, let me guess—eating in the office again and want nibbling supplies before I close?"

"Actually," Bruce said with a conspiratorial wink, "we're sneaking out. One pic-a-nic basket to go, please, Ranger Smith."

"Comin' right up, Yogi."

"You boys and your cartoons! Enough already!" Mandy's amused tone lightened her harsh words. She really enjoyed the playful side of Bruce and the way he could effortlessly fall into a natural banter with just about anyone. "Please, Jay, if we could have a little mix of cheese and fruit to make up a basket? Since Mother Nature seems determined to be a bitch tonight, we thought we'd have an indoor picnic—complete with a couple of bottles of good wine."

"I got just the thing, Ms. Long. Gimme a few minutes to put it together?"

"Certainly. I'm sure Bruce and I can keep ourselves occupied while you manage that." She turned to Bruce as Jay busied himself with their order. "So, counselor, did you remember to bring my surprise? There's more than wine and cheese on the menu tonight."

~ ~ ~

Monday, March 20, 2006

Fresh Off the Vine

Torquere Press' March 2006 issue of Fresh Off the Vine is now available ... and it features my story entitled "Hallowing Eve." Enjoy!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Jane's Guide Sez

Jane's Guide
"Original / Quality" : fine flickering hungers

This is the blog of Alessia Brio, a published ebook author and poet that puts out work through her publisher Phaze. Her first book is titled "fine flickering hungers" and she links to where you can purchase it. The description given through the publisher is that her book describes sexual scenerios that, "Vary from hetero- to mono- to homosexual to group, with the only common thread being that they seldom (if ever) take place in a bed." The link I give here is to her blog though, in which she talks shop as a writer and often posts bits of her writing and information about her publisher or writing groups. - Vamp

Cost: Free
Date Reviewed: 2006-03-07
Advertising Content: Low

Visit Jane's Net Sex Guide at

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Poll :: fine flickering hungers

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Wetter Has Never Been Better
Topping Love
It's All About Customer Service
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun
It's Just Sex!
Boiling Point
Say It with a Strap-On
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