Thursday, March 23, 2006

Power Surge ...

Switch by Will Belegon & Alessia Brio
We just got the news! Switch, the sequel to Erotique, was selected by Phaze as part of its Spring Surge HeatSheet line. Here's a sneak peak:

© Will Belegon & Alessia Brio

Amanda Long nudged open the office door with her toe and finished the job with her hip. The large box she held blocked her view of Bruce, who sat at the large desk. He pecked at the keyboard with two fingers, a deep crease in his brow.

"Little help here, stud?" she called with just a hint of annoyance in her voice. "This is heavy."

Bruce grunted his displeasure at the interruption as he circled the desk to relieve Mandy of her burden. "Lemme guess," his tone softening somewhat when he felt its weight, "you're adding bowling balls to the inventory?"

"Just batteries, Einstein. Most vibrators need batteries, after all. I thought it was a logical addition."

With a heavy sigh, Mandy plopped onto the sofa. While she loved running Erotique, the famous sex toy shop and museum took nearly all her time and energy. Bruce's, too. It seemed they spent more nights on the inflatable mattress in the cramped office than they did in their nice new apartment.

"Over there," she pointed in response to his unspoken question, and watched with weary admiration as he effortlessly placed the box where indicated. Even through the pinpoint oxford, his shoulders were quite impressive. When he joined her on the sofa, she swung her opposite leg across his lap and straddled him in one fluid motion.

"I'm sorry I've been such a bitch lately. We're both working way too hard. We need more play time, and I don't just mean sex—although more of that would be nice, too. So tell me, counselor," she continued after a conciliatory kiss, "is this lawsuit going forward?"

Bruce shrugged and ran a hand through his hair. "That's what I was working on when you came in. It's the price of success, Man. The vultures smell a great big liability policy. Their case is without merit and they know it. They're just hopin' you'll settle for fifty grand or so just to make 'em go away. Might not be a bad idea, y'know. Insurance'll cover the settlement, and I'll take a blow job in lieu of my attorney fee. It's a steal, I tell ya."

"There is no way I'm settling! That'd be like hanging a sign over the door: Frivolous Lawsuits Welcome. As for your fee," she paused to wiggle her bottom in an intentionally stirring manner, "do you barter this way with all your clients?"

"Only the feisty entrepreneurs who give incredible head," Bruce confessed with a wink. "Let's go home tonight, Man. It's supposed to storm—the first real thunderstorm of the season—and I want to spend it in our new bed with you wrapped around me."

"Mmm. Sounds good to me. I'll have Sam close so we can leave early, too. Let's get some wine and cheese—oh, and some fresh fruit. I wanna have a mattress picnic."

"Who needs food? With you on that mattress, I can't think about anything else."

"You'll need sustenance, counselor. Trust me on this one. C'mon," she stood and tugged on Bruce's hands. "Let's get out o' here before someone tries to stop us. I'll go make sure everything's squared away with the staff. You finish up your paperwork. Meet you at Appetites to fill our picnic basket. How's twenty minutes sound? Oh, and bring that box on the desk, too. Somethin' new to—um—field test."

"Bossy bitch." He grinned. "The things I do to get my cock sucked these days. Sheesh!"

* * *

"Evening, Jay!"

"Well, g'day, Bruce!"

Bruce gave a tired grin. "I told you before, Jay. I'm neither a great white shark nor Australian."

"Ah, hell. I know. Can't help it, Bruce. My kids still watch that movie 'bout ten times a day. I get home and ask how school was, and they do this…" Jay let out a long slow moan that modulated up and down in time with the chime on the door signaling Mandy's entrance.

"Gee, I didn't know you spoke whale, Jay," she said as she sauntered over and kissed Bruce on the cheek.

"My kids think I do, Ms. Long. As soon as I learn to tell the difference between asking for mac' and cheese for dinner and being sent to the principal's office, I should be okay. So, let me guess—eating in the office again and want nibbling supplies before I close?"

"Actually," Bruce said with a conspiratorial wink, "we're sneaking out. One pic-a-nic basket to go, please, Ranger Smith."

"Comin' right up, Yogi."

"You boys and your cartoons! Enough already!" Mandy's amused tone lightened her harsh words. She really enjoyed the playful side of Bruce and the way he could effortlessly fall into a natural banter with just about anyone. "Please, Jay, if we could have a little mix of cheese and fruit to make up a basket? Since Mother Nature seems determined to be a bitch tonight, we thought we'd have an indoor picnic—complete with a couple of bottles of good wine."

"I got just the thing, Ms. Long. Gimme a few minutes to put it together?"

"Certainly. I'm sure Bruce and I can keep ourselves occupied while you manage that." She turned to Bruce as Jay busied himself with their order. "So, counselor, did you remember to bring my surprise? There's more than wine and cheese on the menu tonight."

~ ~ ~

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