Friday, July 29, 2005


I just love Marge Piercy! The title of my book (fine flickering hungers) is taken from one of her poems (The Moon Is Always Female). Here's an excerpt from another fave:

I want you to love freely, I want
you to love richly and many
but I want your mouth to taste of me
and I want to walk in your dreams naked.
~ Marge Piercy (from Under red Aries)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Just for fun!

This is a fun little piece I wrote a while back as part of a challenge (all dialogue, no tags): Conversation with a Muse©.

* * *

Ahoy, mate!

"Lemme guess. I'm a pirate today. Writing a new story?"


"You sure mix it up, Ms. Brio."

Don't wanna get bored. It's MY imagination, after all. You up for it?

"Always – and all ways. You know that."

That's why I keep you around.

"Gee, and I thought it was my sharp wit and rakish good looks."

That, too. Not to mention your incredible mainmast.

"So, can I play in your poop deck today?"

You know that's not my thing.

"Can't blame a guy for trying. Okay, then how about some reverse cowgirl?"

Possibly, but you know it makes me feel like the busty figurehead on the prow of an old sailing ship – and the last time we broke the rungs on that chair.

"But I love watching your ass slam into me. And it was YOU who cracked those rungs. My feet were firmly planted on the deck."

A technicality, as it was your fault I was bracing myself on them in the first place.

"You were lovin' it. Don't even TRY to pretend otherwise. This 'old sailing
ship' can still give good plank."

Another reason I keep you around. If my ass is what you most want to see, I'd prefer doggie style.

"Works for me – but then your hands aren't free."

Are we gonna debate positions, or are we gonna fuck?

"Your fantasy, dear. You decide."

Of course. However, it'd be much more fun with an enthusiastic partner.

"Like you had yesterday?"

Do I detect a note of jealousy in your voice?

"No! Well, maybe. Okay, yes."

Let go of that right now. I will NOT have my muses competing with one another.

"You looked like you were having such an extraordinarily good time with her."

I was – just as I intend to do with you. Did you enjoy watching?

"Naturally. Did you enjoy being watched?"

I wasn't aware of it at the time, but I like the image of you standing there, cock in hand.

"It was."

Was what?

"In hand."

Show me.

"With pleasure, lass."

Lass? Oh, the pirate thing. I'd shifted gears already.

"Well, you should let a guy know."

Can't you read my mind? You're IN it, after all.

"Takes the fun out of it."

You can't be serious! Most guys would love to know what a woman is really thinking. You can do it and choose not to?

"Feels like cheating."

Ah, a man of principle. But of course, I'd conjure nothing less. Hey! You're left handed.

"No, I'm ambidextrous – or hadn't you noticed?"

Show me.

"Come closer, sugar. My fingers wanna do some walking."

Your mast is looking quite sturdy. Do you always stroke yourself so slowly?

"No. I'll pick up speed in a bit. I'd prefer a bit of something slippery to make it more enjoyable, though."

I think I can accommodate you, but you're gonna have to work for it.

"I'm up for the challenge, so to speak."

I've no doubt you'll succeed admirably. You have incredible hands and very agile fingers. That feels quite....

"Quite? Did you lose your voice, dear?"

Oh! Damn you. That's...

"That's what? Finish your sentences!"

... quite....

"You said that already. Having problems concentrating?"

You know what that does to me – that bowling ball thing.

"Of course. That's why I'm doing it. Switching hands, though."

I see what you mean – about having something slippery.

"And you're about as slippery as they come. No pun intended."

Not coming yet, but I will be if you keep doing... THAT.

"As will I, undoubtedly."

Does your right hand know what your left hand is doing?

"Are you kidding? My right hand is insanely jealous of my left hand – as are my cock and my tongue."

Well, we wouldn't want them to feel left out, now would we?

"I'll take that as in invitation!"

As intended.

"Which first?"

Take me right to the edge with your tongue, and then impale me on your cock as I'm coming.

"Sounds like a plan. I'll get right on it."

Spin around this way if you want me to tend your mast.

"Uh uh. Too distracting."

For whom?

"For me. I wanna be focused on your cunt, not on what you're doing to my cock."

Understood and... mmmm... appreciated.

"I love it when you shave here."

Feels nice, huh?

"Sure does. Tastes damned good, too."

I can barely keep from touching myself after a close shave. Damn, I love your tongue.

"And it loves you. How 'bout my lips?"

Ah, yes. Just a little... faster.


Rrrrrright... there. Just two. Yes!

"Other hand?"


"With pleasure. Now, are your lovely tits feeling neglected?"




"Your tits? Oh, never mind. I see you're... um... handling that for me."

It won't be long now. Still up for it?

"Just tell me when."

You'll know. Oh, d-damn.

"Wow! When did you get your nipple pierced?"

A couple weeks ago. It feels...

"I love it!"

... absolutely... incredible!

"It's been too long, lover. Your tits should never be away from my mouth for that long."

If you'll recall, we were in too much of a hurry the... Oh! Oh, yes! – last time to even bother getting my shirt off. Suck my clit. Yeah. Just... like... that.

"Your legs are shaking."

Now, lover. Fuck me now!



"I'm not gonna last long. You're so... hot... inside!"

Thanks to you. Harder, p-please.

"Oh, that's.... Yeah. Oh, yeah."

Come with me, lover.

"Mmmmm. Yes!"

I... agree... completely.

"I love it when you wrap your legs around me like that. I can drive deeper."

Yeah, but I can't push back if I don't have my feet braced against something.

"Well, you can make up for that in round two. I want you on top."

Sounds good to me, but it's gonna have to wait 'til next time. I have to get going. Real life calls.

"Shit! Oh, well. Come back soon, gorgeous."

Count on it.

* * *

Monday, July 04, 2005

A taste of Alessia

This is an excerpt from a short story I co-wrote entitled San Diego Sunset©. It will appear in its entirety in an upcoming volume of Coming Together.

* * *

"No," she groaned as sleep escaped into the dawn. "Don't go!" Remnants of the dream teased her consciousness. She shivered as she pushed the sheets, damp from her perspiration, aside and rose on shaky legs. The dream was always more vivid toward the middle of each month, as if the date carried some mysterious power. The mildest versions simply contained an image of the sun setting into the sea, obviously the west coast. As the month progressed, however, they would grow in duration and intensity until she'd wake with his name on her lips, the pulses of her orgasm fading. The name she could never recapture, but the touch and the scent and the sound of him were as memorable as the sight. His words, spoken into her ear with an urgency bordering on desperation, echoed in her mind: Come to me. His skin smelled of the sea, as if he'd been in the water and dried by the sun, and he tasted of her sex mingled with his own sweet salt.

Grabbing the notepad and pen from her nightstand, she rapidly jotted down a couple new clues as to the location: a hang glider coasting lazily overhead; a winding path, with occasional rough stairs, along a steep hillside; and dark sands on the beach at its base. She shook her head in frustration as the images dissipated leaving behind only a pervasive longing. There was no doubt in her mind that the place was real. She would find it eventually, and when she did, she'd go there. It was crazy but, no matter the time or the trouble or the cost, she'd go. The incredible pull left her no alternative. He'd be waiting there for her, on that beach at sunset. Ready and waiting. The thought warmed the embers of her climax.

Detouring only long enough to start a pot of coffee, she carried her laptop onto the deck wiped the dew off a chair while the machine whirred to life. The Internet thus far had not been much help, but armed with new information she pecked a string of key words into the search box and sent it into the ether with a muttered prayer. The results were encouraging: down from 8,160 hits to just under five hundred. On a whim, she added the word "California" to the query, since it occupied such a large expanse of the Pacific coast, and resubmitted. There! On the very first page, the words jumped out at her: Torrey Pines Gliderport. So THAT was what the sign said; the sign which would never come into focus in her dreams.

When her head began to swim, she realized she'd been holding her breath. Fear mingled with anticipation, causing a tingly pressure in her sternum which radiated outward. She felt on the verge of a life-changing discovery, and with trembling hands she placed the laptop on the glass patio table as if it'd suddenly become too hot to touch. After all these months of searching, piecing the puzzle together, she somehow knew that once she clicked that link, nothing would ever be the same.

* * *

A wonderful illustration has been created for this story by the very talented pattydraws:

Sunday, July 03, 2005

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