Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Early Reviews

Author Lisa Bradley gives Switch 5 of 5 Stars:
It’s getting *hot* in here…A sequel to Alessia Brio’s 2005 Erotique, Bruce and Mandy are back with a bang-literally! There’s no way to say exactly what I mean without giving away the rather delicious secret twist that drives this story. Let’s just say that writing partner Will Belegon’s input is crucial. A must-read for a fascinating and sexy surprise!

Author Leigh Ellwood gives Switch 5 of 5 Stars:
What a wild ride for Mandy and Bruce! Switch is a truly hot story about passion that transcends reality and gender. You will definitely want to read more about this couple. Alessia and Will write so well together. Their mingled styles are seamless.

Author Jessie Verino gives Switch 4 of 5 Stars:
Mandy & Bruce are continuing their sexual exploration in this wildly electric story. The predicament these two find themselves in will make you laugh, then make you squirm.

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