Saturday, January 27, 2007

Switch Gets Giggled

Switch, by Will Belegon & Alessia BrioWill & I are very pleased with Mrs. Giggles' review of Switch:
Alessia Brio and Will Belegon collaborate on Switch, which is a sequel to Ms Brio's Erotique. The same characters from Erotique are back. Amanda Long and Bruce, whose last name is still a mystery, are back and this time around they are happily having some fun in bed during a thunderstorm when lightning strikes and they find themselves having switched bodies. Which is to say, Mandy is now in Bruce's body while Bruce is in Mandy's body. Under ordinary circumstances, people in this situation may say, "Wait a minute, this is creepy, change things back arou[n]nd please!" But ah, our Mandy and Bruce are no ordinary people. They are soon having fun especially by doing things to the other person and experiencing sex from the perspective of the other gender.

Switch is nothing more than that. It's all sex and more sex. Detailed sex, by the way, from the curve of the penis Mandy sort of borrowed from Bruce at that moment to Bruce's first experience of a female orgasm. A long time ago, the greek philosopher Tiresias lived both as man and woman (not at the same time, of course, because that will be really surreal) and he later insisted to Hera that women experience greater pleasure in sex compared to men. However, in this story both Bruce and Mandy realize that they really like experiencing sex in the other person's body so the fun is very democratic in how it's being distributed to all parties here.

As a very naughty and fun story of an unusual sexual situation involving two romantically-linked people, Switch is a rare story that is confident about its erotic quality that it doesn't try too hard to include orgies and vampiric anal sex in order to live up to its romantic erotica label. Naturally, it succeeds in doing so, which is why this story is pretty cool.

Rating: 80

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