Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mystique Books reviews Switch

Switch, by Alessia Brio & Will BelegonY'know, it totally doesn't suck to start one's day with a review quote that reads: This book is a work of genius.

Here's what Rachel Nail of Mystique Books says about Switch:
I've always been told to unplug electrical devices during thunderstorms. Something about a lightning traveling along the building's wires and coming out the other end. This hazard had the possibility of causing complications with computers, telephones, disk toys?

This book is a work of genius. To have the two lovers switch bodies during sex was an awesome twist to any story, not to mention very, very sexy. I was hooked to the story, wondering what would happen. My only complaint was that the reader was left wondering how, if at all, Mandy and Bruce return to their bodies. An excellent read!
Four and a half Mystique Moons. (Excellent)
Class Five sensuality. (Raging Carnality)

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