Thursday, May 03, 2007

RRT Reviews ArtiFactual

ARTIFACTUAL is a highly entertaining erotic tale about a pair of likable people and a very unusual erotic shop and museum. The sex is sizzling, the dialogue witty and the character interaction charming. Watching the relationship unfold between Mandy and Bruce from a close friendship in Erotique, to a completely committed couple in Closing Arguments is the best part of the anthology. However, the evolving mystery about Aunt Vivian, Erotique, the shop, and the "haunted" sexual apparatuses in the museum is just as enjoyable. Secondary characters are not really present in the first two stories, but Professor Eddie features prominently in Amichu and Closing Arguments, and Aunt Vivian may be dead, but she's never really far away. While the sex is hot in each story, the last two tales focus more on plot and characterization than on sex -- my favorite of them all is Switch. It was fun, different and extremely sensual.

ARTIFACTUAL is an enjoyable collection of stories about a couple who are realistically and lovingly portrayed with enough sizzling sex to please any reader. Don't miss this fun and sexy read.

Isabelle Spencer

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