Monday, January 12, 2009

New review for Fantasies I

Phaze Presents Fantasies, Volume I features four stories by four different authors. The stories focus on many elements from multiple partners to the paranormal to second chances. From the steam generated by each story, who needs a pot of boiling hot water!

In Pura Vida! by Alessia Brio, traveling can lead to fun-times under the sun. Charlie, who owns a traveling agency, expects to get business done while in Costa Rica with his good friend and lover, Stormy, who owns a partnering advertisement agency. With recent hire Pietro along for the trip, the three set out to explore the island and each other, in hopes of creating a new advertising campaign. Will their secret of living a polyamorous life be kept underground forever?

In Midnight Passions by Leigh Ellwood, good things come in twos. Colleen, a divorced mother of an eight year-old, still has dreams of a fairy-tale life with her current beau, Daryl. A good deed done by her landlord, Professor John Spence, opens her eyes to a man who she never would have considered sexually. John Spence has his fair share of secrets as well, enchanted ones to be exact. Will John Spence’s secrets prove too overwhelming for Colleen’s sensibility?

In Service Recall by Bridget Midway, second chances do come true. Carla Ewell, now Carla Middleton, is a newly divorced woman ready to move on with her life. For over ten years, she was married to a man who was controlling and no good for her. But a chance meeting with her high school classmate, Duke Boscoe, who is now a plumber slash business owner, exposes Carla to a completely new outlook. Carla considered Duke as the quarterback with the sexy eyes and lips and Duke considered Carla, a beautiful African American woman. Both, had been attracted to each other all those years ago. Who ever knew a clogged kitchen sink could lead to an unclogging of another kind?

In Midnight Conversations by Ann Regentin, fixing something old can lead to new pleasures. Cassie, enjoying the freedom brought to her upon divorce, does not mind that there are ghosts in her new house who speak to her. In fact, she rather enjoys the sensual stories they share with her. When previous owner Tristan offers to help her with some badly needed remodeling and landscaping, she jumps at the assistance.

Each story offers a unique spin on sensuality and offers steamy sex scenes with interesting main and secondary characters. Also, each story is a nicely written work of fiction with realistic undertones. I recommend Phaze Presents Fantasies, Volume I to all romance and erotica lovers.

Reviewed by Chantay Wesley
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