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Surrender a Recommended Read

Surrender: Tales of Erotic SubmissionWhat a lovely way to start the new year!

TITLE: Surrender: Tales of Erotic Submission
AUTHORS: Eden Bradley, Eliza Gayle, Reese Gabriel, Alessia Brio
PUBLISHER: Phaze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60659-087-4
FORMAT: ebook
RELEASE DATE: Sept. 2008


Breaking Skye by Eden Bradley

Fantasies of being dominated have tormented Skye since high school. Determined to get these urges out of her system, she contacts Adam, a BDSM trainer, through a bondage website. Adam is just as determined to break through Skye’s defenses and show her that she’s a true submissive. Skye struggles fiercely to let go of her tightly held control. Under Adam’s firm but caring commands, Skye learns the erotic pleasure that comes from complete submission.

BREAKING SKYE is fiery hot, a truly erotic tale of deep seated desires. The chemistry between Adam and Skye is electrifying on its own. When you add in the bondage and submission play, the story becomes a must read for anyone who likes their romance with a pair of handcuffs on the side. Pure lust and need is unashamedly palpable between the characters. Eden Bradley has written a dramatic and compelling romance that will satisfy readers love for a sound spanking.

Submissive Secrets by Eliza Gayle

Unable to face telling her teenaged fiancé that she needed pain and domination in the bedroom, Carli left him practically at the altar. Carli has regretted that decision ever since. Eight years later, she finds him sleeping, butt naked, on top of her bed. Has Aidan come back to her for love and pleasure, or something more sinister? Will Carli find the gumption to let Aidan know how she needs to be mastered by him, or will she let her second chance with the love of her life slip away?

Many people find it difficult to openly express their fantasies with their partners. SUBMISSIVE SECRETS intimately reveals the hurt and pain felt by the characters due to their unwillingness to open themselves to their lover. Eliza Gayle delivers a highly sensual romp with extremely edgy sex scenes. I found the domination scenes tremendously riveting. With SUBMISSIVE SECRETS, Eliza Gayle has guaranteed herself another fan—me!

Cupid's Captive by Reese Gabriel

Steffy has finally decided to be adventurous and do something about her long-standing crush on her older brother’s, best friend, John. Home from college, on a school break, Stephanie doesn’t resemble the gum chewing brat that John remembers from several years ago. John is not happy when his friend presses him into squiring Steffy around town on Valentines night, especially when she shows up looking like sex on wheels. How is he supposed to keep his thoughts from how he’d love to bend her over his knee, flip up her skirt, and redden that pert butt with some well placed smacks?

CUPID’S CAPTIVE is a classic cat and mouse story, but told with a lot more spicy zing than usual! I loved how Steffy played with John, setting him up, teased him left and right, and drove him wild with desire. Reese Gabriel built the characters fantastically, and made them very relatable. The sexual tension between John and Stephanie was intense and continued to build throughout the story, and was nicely intermingled with emotional elements. CUPID’S CAPTIVE will surely ensnare your attention and keep you enthralled.

Listen to Me by Alessia Brio

Two women alone in a room, drawn together by their needs and what they could give to each other, a negotiated rendezvous with its own set of rules. Almost silently, they touch, the master taking control, leading, guiding and exploring new territory with her new submissive. Softly, the sounds of zippers, moans and slaps fill the air with a palpable tension, each new noise, building the pleasant sense of anticipation.

LISTEN TO ME is absolutely filled with crazy hot images that are sure to fill the reader with desire. It’s a very short story, but so powerfully delivered that the length is not an issue. If this is a representative example of the compilation from Alessia Brio’s book, FINE FLICKERING HUNGERS, I have to recommend readers buy it. LISTEN TO ME definitely piqued my interest!

~ Manda

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