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fine flickering hungers

Suzan from Coffee Time Romance gives fine flickering hungers 4 cups:

Alessia Brio has compiled several erotic short stories and poems with several interlocking themes and characters.

"Wetter Has Never Been Better"

An advertising executive and the head of a publishing company work together to make Costa Rica a hot vacation spot. This is an extremely sensual, well written, fast paced story.

Soul Slipping

This is a mathematical representation of eroticism and desire. A fun and different way to look at eroticism.

"Topping Love"

Sex therapist Dr. Richard Thomas helps Jess Connor figure out what she needs to find love, using pizza and its toppings as they discuss the items of importance in love. An interesting idea, but I think the metaphor is not as spicy as it could be.


This poem is an interesting interplay between heat and cold, the frigid wanting and hot desire of love.

"It's All About Customer Service"

An unnamed homeowner with a broken furnace is a damsel in distress and calls in for some relief. The homeowner finds out just how handy a repairman is when they test out the heat of the hot tub. A sexy little romp in the clich├ęd housewife and repairman genre.


Desire is painful, and its culmination is painfully satisfying in this poem about need and its ramifications.


Rushing home from a trip, Chloe finds herself unable to think of anything but Jake. Jake, her insatiable lover, who has satisfied her nearly non-stop for the past two months. When she finally gets home, she finds Jake where she left him; spent, batteries depleted, resting and waiting for her on her bed. A very funny ode to a girl's best friend, the vibrator.


A poem about the turbulent nature of love and longing, the roiling of desire and wanting.

"Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun"

Unnamed, unseen spirit helpers are eager to take charge and work with a Halloween hater to bring her to a passionate release. Unable to credit what is happening to her, she simply gives herself over to the other side. A rousing way of looking at paranormal eroticism.

Surrogate Sin

A nasty, erotic take on religious prayers.

"It's Just Sex"

Father Antony Secco is tired of hearing the same old venial sins every week at confession. Melissa has her own kink she wants to fulfill. Thanks to the It's Just Sex service, they are able to fulfill each other's fantasy. A very steamy, non-physical encounter.

It Comes

A poem about what awaits love and lovers.

"Boiling Point"

Ready to make her move, Carly decides to push things to the next level and Jenna finds herself thinking and feeling things she thought were wrong. This story pushes the limits of limit pushing, forcing you to decide when no means no.


Patterns, colors, and textures invoke various responses of eroticism and desire.

"Say It With a Strap On"

Carly is upset when her encounter with Jenna drives them apart. Jenna tries to work through her feelings. They come together in passion and love, wanting each other always. Desire and love are intermingled in this story about two friends going to another level.

ex sighs

A poem about the pain and suffering a lost love leaves.

* * *

This collection was surprisingly good. I was surprised to find the strength of each story, each of them holding my interest and creating heat and desire with each interaction.

Reviewed By Suzan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

~ ~ ~

And Pam* from The Romance Studio said:
fine, flickering hungers by Alessia Brio is an anthology of erotic short stories and poetry. As there are too many to review separately, I'll pick a few to give you a taste of this sensuous, yet unusual book.

"Wetter Has Never Been Better" is the sensuous story of Stormy and the extremes she will go to in order to land a huge account, the country of Costa Rica, at the ad agency she works for. A "challenge" has been issued by the execs­ create an ad that will make tourists want to head to Costa Rica during the rainy season - and Stormy plans on winning that challenge…but how? Why not head to Costa Rica and see what might be special about the rainy season? Her discovery surprises and pleases her and introduces her to more than she ever expected, which leads to a winning presentation! This is a very hot story. Luckily, there is another story, "Topping Love," that picks up where this one leaves off and introduces family and friends of Charlie, the man Stormy starts seeing once she's home! Very interesting story I wonder where the author got the idea of using pizza toppings!

Carly has always been a follower ­ never a leader! On this night, when she's out with Jenna, her best friend, she finally decides to take the lead. However, Jenna isn't one to follow, until tonight! Carly, upon reaching her "Boiling Point," gives Jenna no choice in the matter and Carly's dreams come true...but what happens now? We find out in the next story, "Say It With A Strap-On." Carly buys something special for her next encounter with Jenna...if she has a next encounter! They occasionally talk on the phone but not about what Carly believes needs to be talked about! Jenna calls and invites her to dinner. She accepts and things go from good to great, as far as Carly and Jenna are concerned... until Jenna's husband catches them! So what will be next for these ladies?

This was a most unusual book, with a combination of poetry and short stories. Alessia Brio's stories and poetry flowed and they were written with a touch of humor and a lot of heat!

* Blatant errors corrected (Costa Rico > Costa Rica; Jeana > Jenna)

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