Monday, January 02, 2006

Another Great Review for Erotique!

Alessia Brio's
Erotique (October 2005)
ISBN: 1-59426-548-8

From The Eternal Night
Reviewer: Leola Brooks (January 2006)

When Mandy's Aunt Sophie [sic] dies unexpectedly, she inherits her Aunt's infamous sex shop and even though she knew she would one day inherit the family shop, she had hoped to be able to complete her business degree prior to taking over the business.

The shop is an erotic mix of toys, paraphernalia, lotions and potions and lots of family history, but sharing the draw is a museum of ancient erotica and an interesting codicil in the will stipulates that Mandy must spend the night of the full moon in the museum.

The museum is filled with all manner of interesting devices and items gathered from exotic places all devoted to the fine art of erotica, but even knowing that, Mandy only thinks she is prepared for the extremely interesting evening to come.

This short tale has an intriguing historical aspect, and while I don't know if the historical tidbits are indeed true or a figment of the author's fruitful imagination, it makes for a very interesting read. A delightful story filled with humour and spicy tidbits, it's perfectly suited for a coffee break, lunch hour or even just a short fantastical interlude from everyday life. A great short escape!

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