Thursday, January 05, 2006

Toys for Tarts

So, after reading fine flickering hungers, do you wanna know about the toys used in a couple of the stories? Do ya, huh? Okay!

JakeHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Jake! Little guy, ain't he? Trust me, though, he's quite effective. (Tip: Try him backwards with a buddy. He's not the jealous type.) Jake is really the Angel Kiss vibrator by Vibratex. Be gentle with Jake. He's not the most rugged toy. Last I checked, you could pick up a Jake of your own for about $20 from -- which is pretty cheap for a jackrabbit-style vibe. (Note: The daisy is not included. *wink*)

Carly & Jenna's Strap-OnIn Say It With a Strap-On, Carly and Jenna get blissed with this strap-on jackrabbit vibrator. It's a really sturdy product at a great price ($38), and the vibe can be removed for use without the harness. She's considerably bigger (and heavier, thanks to all those delightful ball bearings in the shaft) than dear, dependable Jake ... so don't plan on a lot of hands-free action with this bitch. (Tip: Slip a bullet vibe inside the harness and your trains will reach the station at the same time -- or thereabouts. *nods*)


Now, what about all the great artifacts mentioned in Erotique? Yeah, they're real. (Well, I don't KNOW that a fragment of Carrara marble from the block used to create Michelangelo Buonarroti's Pietà was crafted into a dildo ... BUT marble dildos were indeed used in Renaissance Italy, so it's certainly possible.) I'll go through 'em one by one in a future post. Stay tuned!

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An said...

Jake looks like a great idea. Just joking. :)