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Phaze : Romantic & Women's Erotica

Not Just a Phaze
By Crystal
Phaze Promotions Manager and Book Review Coordinator


Feeling a little naughty?  Maybe you're going through a mischievous Phaze.  Feeling a little silly?  Maybe you're going through a childish Phaze.  Feeling a little sexy?  Then Phaze is the right place for you to be.

fine flickering hungers by Alessia Brio

Phaze, the erotic imprint of Mundania Press, celebrated its one-year anniversary in November 2005.  Catering to the erotica and erotic romance readers worldwide, Phaze is known for its envelope-pushing stories as well as their risqué but always titillating book covers.  All covers except for Laura Bacchi's cover for "The Heart of a Hunter", were designed by Phaze publisher, Stacey L. King.

Under Distant Moons by Mara Kelly

With stories ranging from a married woman's weekend tryst with her co-worker to an erotic romance involving a woman and a merman, one thing you can't say about Phaze.  You cannot say that their stories are tame.

To crank the heat up more, Phaze excites readers with their new line of short erotic works called Snugglers, coming soon to warm you up this winter.  This past October, Phaze released another line of short erotic paranormal/horror stories called Shivers.

Lipstick and Other Stories by Petula Caesar

Phaze is proud of the wide variety of stories in difference categories we offer to readers.  From single author anthologies from notable authors like Madeleine Oh, Mara Kelly, Petula Caesar and Alessia Brio, to contemporary erotica to fantasy, futuristic and science fiction erotic romances, readers can find it all.

Muse by Leigh Ellwood

Phaze is also thrilled to be the first e-book publisher featured in the December 2005 issue of Playgirl magazine!  This widely-known magazine with worldwide circulation, was so impressed by Phaze and its authors that an editor requested to do an article on the organization.  Not bad for a year old company.

Waking Annabel by Jayelle Drewry

To check out more publisher and author news, catch new releases, read author bios and excerpts and other upcoming events, go to the Phaze website at  And to chat with the authors, read exclusive excerpts from them and take part in Phaze and author contests, go to the new Phaze forum at


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