Monday, December 11, 2006

Love Romances & More Reviews SDS

Pam from Love Romances & More had this to say about San Diego Sunset:

As two people dream of a meeting on a beach, they begin to wonder if it’s only a dream or a future meeting. Their stories are told concurrently, as they travel to what could be their destinies. Both have begun to realize there must be more to life, than what they have experienced so far. He begins to realize the beach is one from his past, close to where he grew up. For her it is somewhere new and exciting, although costing more than she’d anticipated. As they come closer to each other, the scents and sounds around them seem to change. Feelings of being unfulfilled no longer matter; they ignore everything as the dream takes them on a journey. A journey they have no way of knowing how it will end, if it is destiny or their imagination.

This reviewer found the story strange to begin with, but the prose was so enchanting, it swept me along. Despite very little dialogue, the story is easy to follow and interesting. The imagery is very strong throughout the tale. The conflict is within the two main characters, as they find themselves doing something completely out of their comfort zone. Moods become linked and the tale flows smoothly through doubts and worries as it wraps the characters and reader within its spell. The plot winds around them as they experience something new and exciting. Passion flares as they think about the culmination of the dream, taking the reader on a sensual journey of discovery. The ‘what if’s’ are left behind as the characters surprise themselves by their own audacity. As the sun finally sets, the reader is left with a feeling of peace as darkness blankets the characters.

4 Hearts!

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