Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sometimes, ya gotta wonder if a reviewer didn't get your book mixed up with someone else's. Here's what Lydia, from Euro Reviews, had to say about Switch:

Amanda Long is dragging boxes from one room to another and snags her partner Bruce while he’s working on paperwork. They go for some experimenting and wind up with a surprise. The two fall asleep and that is when it leaves with a cliff-hanger.

Switch is short and to the point, and filled with technical jargon that left this reviewer’s head reeling with confusion. In this case, I didn’t find it as easy to get into and it was very short. For other books, I was able to understand the idea behind the story. In this one, I had a very hard time and probably should read the other books.

All in all Will Bele & Alessia Brio came out with an interesting story when they wrote Switch, but readers should know to read the other books in the series first.

Not only did she butcher my co-author's name, but the "technical jargon" comment is just baffling. WTF? As for her recommendation to "read the other books" ... well, I'm not gonna try to dissuade anyone from reading the ONE prequel (Erotique), but it's certainly not necessary in order to understand and enjoy Switch.

Oh, well. Chalk this one up to a (very odd) learning experience. This just plain sloppy review coupled with HUGELY annoying pop-under ads will keep me away from the Euro Reviews site.


Sherri said...

sometimes, I swear, reviewers read the first three pages and the last three pages and maybe some spot pages in the middle.

Carrie said...

Well you know at One Reviewer you won't get such sloppy work, lol ;)