Thursday, June 15, 2006

And another ...

It is a bit disappointing when a premier site like Romance Divas comes through with a poor-ish review, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I would think, however, that a reviewer should have the ability to recognize 3rd omniscient point-of-view rather than deeming it "head hopping." (Actually, Will & I worked very hard to stay OUT of the characters' heads ... both of them ... because we knew what the story needed in order to work.) Oh, well. *shrugs* Here's Shelli Stevens' review:

Amanda and Bruce are lovers that decide to have a little bit of fun one night during a raging storm. They bring out a lovers toy that requires electricity, and that’s when the lightening strikes. Not only do they lose power, but they also lose their bodies. To each other! After coming to terms that Amanda is now Bruce, and Bruce is now Amanda, they decide to have a little fun.

I thought this story line was interesting and had the potential to be so much better than it was. However there was constant head hopping that confused me and slowed down the reading. The beginning of the story seemed to drag a bit, and the characters and storyline seemed to just start in some random place. I understand this is following another story, but to readers that might not have read the first book you should probably find a way to incorporate a tiny bit of back story. The final thing that stuck me as bizarre, was there was no resolution in the end. The authors never say whether or not the characters switch back.

Switch did have some good points like playful sex, and the sensual relationship between the lovers. Overall it’s an interesting read, sort of a lovers version of ‘Freaky Friday’.

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