Sunday, June 25, 2006

JERR Reviews "Switch"

Title: Switch
Author: Will Belegon and Alessia Brio
Publisher: Phaze
ISBN: 1-59426-558-5
Reviewer: Anya Khan
Rating: 4/5 Stars (Engrossing & Arousing)
Heat level: O (Orgasmic)

Amanda is a strong young woman who loves her life running an upscale adult toy store, and her relationship with her nearly perfect lawyer and long-term lover, Bruce. Bruce is a great lawyer who also adores Amanda and their life together. During a fun night complete with her latest toys, a bizarre event changes them and gives a new understanding to "do you know what I am feeling".

Switch is such a cleaver (sic) romantic short story that pulls readers in quickly. The two are deeply in love without being sickening sweet. The background is developed fast and sets the stage for the book's main focus-a night of terrific sex they never thought would happen. The way the couple handles things is wonderful. I enjoyed every conversation and thought their interaction was well done. The sex is full of toys and stays very hot. There was little or no supporting character interaction, though these two strong personalities were enough to carry the book alone. I congratulate Will Belegon and Alessia Brio was a very creative and sexy story.

Anya Khan
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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