Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!

Carrie White, eBook reviewer for Sexography, provides the following review of Amichu:

Mandy is the owner of a sex toy shop and museum named Erotique. Receiving a letter from a friend of her late aunt she soon learns of a generous donation of an artifact made to her museum. Embarking on the exciting trip to South America, she and her lover, Bruce, soon find that their journey becomes a battle not only for the safety of the Incan artifact but ultimately their own lives.

Although Amichu is the third in the series and I'm aware that I've not read the novels in the correct order, this is my first reading of this collaboration and I have to say the authors work extremely well together. Also, by reading novels in the incorrect order it does help to see if each book can adequately stand alone without their counterparts, and judging by things so far, it does appear that they can.

Much as I would love to know which bits are the brainchild of which author, it doesn't really matter because the final result is just pure masterpiece. There's a fine spattering of humour throughout the story and the sex scenes are naughty and fresh. Thorough research into the historical facts about the artefact and the different cultures encountered just strengthens the sense of credibility you receive whilst reading this book. Excellent read.

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