Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Company!

What a nice feeling it is to be reading an author interview and find yourself mentioned as one of that author's favorites. To make it even better, I'm in the same damned sentence as RKB & Bill Noble ... and in the same paragraph as Susie Bright. Hot damn! Oh, and that other fella mentioned ... I, um, think he's kinda special, too. *wink*

Check out Gwen Masters' interview at Romance at Heart, where she responds:

- Who are some of your other favorite authors to read?

In the erotic genre, I love to read Alison Tyler. “Four on the Floor” was hot as hell. I’ve been a fan of Will Belegon from way back before he was published. I like Alessia Brio, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Bill Noble. And of course, I devour anything Susie Bright puts down on paper.


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Sherri said...

We may have to spray you with cold water after that, woman! :)