Saturday, March 29, 2008

Manic Readers reviews Spring Training

Spring TrainingCristina from Manic Readers gives Spring Training 4 of 5 stars:
Andrea Spring loves men involved in sports. Having had many casual encounters over the years, she is a pro at leaving them behind. But what happens when one won't leave her fantasies? Especially when he's a coach for two of her former lovers that she left the season before? Will Mark finally be the one to tame her?

First of all, this is a part of a series starting with Double Header which I haven’t read yet but Spring Training works well on its own. There are a lot of references to sports and athletes and it would help to have a passing knowledge of any sport or even to have seen certain sports movies like “Bull Durham”. Knowing the lingo will help you to understand some of the inner workings taking place in the story. I love the use of the different toys which made the sex scenes very hot. There are multiple partners and the language is very to the point which elevated the heat level even more. Andi is a very interesting female character and though I wasn't so sure I would like her at first, by the end I was cheering her on.

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