Tuesday, April 08, 2008

There's a new game in town ...


eXcessica is something entirely new. We are not a traditional e-publisher, instead we are a collaborative formed to remove the middleman and bring you, the reader, some of the best in truly hot erotica.

eXcessica publishes everything from sweet to scorching, including the taboo stuff other e-publishers won't touch. eXcessica authors cross the spectrum from award-winning professionals to fresh, new voices. Some are here because they want complete control over their work. Others are here because they want a larger cut of their sales proceeds. Still others, because their material is considered too edgy for traditional e-publishers.

By having each author take responsibility for their own editing and cover art, eXcessica is able to make its overhead expenses negligible. eXcessica authors know that sloppy work reflects poorly on us all and that success hinges on everyone doing their very best to ensure quality.

We invite you to step inside the minds of our eXcessica authors.

We promise you a memorable experience!

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My take on the naysayers: With any publisher, quality varies from author to author. As does style. No reader is going to like every single thing published by any given house. This will undoubtedly be true of eXcessica as well. Readers are going to follow their favorite authors. Period. Those who assume eXcessica is all about uber-squicky stuff, who insist on painting everyone with one brush, are just snark lemmings. I admire Selena's efforts to make a home for her edgier works and for inviting others to join her. Only time will tell if it will be a successful venture. She has my support and, when I finish Zane, it will go to eXcessica.

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Selena Kitt said...

Thanks, doll.

One person's squick is another's heaven... there was a time m/m and BDSM were entirely no-no... and now they're bestselling at many of the top e-pubs. ;)

Who knows what the future holds...!? Hey-ho, let's go find out!