Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who's that girl?

Under the Sea Faerie Ball, RT 2008, PittsburghI'm gonna engage in a bit of narcissism, because sitting here barefoot in my cut-off sweats with my hair in a sloppy ponytail and the sounds of Sponge Bob in the background, the "glamour" of the RT costume parties seems so very distant. It'll probably be another year before I again don a costume (in public, anyway), so I'm gonna revel in the memories.

See that sparkly thing over there on the left? That's me in mermaid attire for the Under the Sea Faerie Ball. Everything in my suitcase was covered with that spray glitter. It's still between the keys of my laptop.

Blood & Steel Vampire Ball, RT 2008, PittsburghThat chick on the right? She was in black lace and leather from head to toe, complete with bondage belt, buckled handcuffs, 4" studded Harley boots, flogger, and steel-boned corset. What you can't see is the only part of her costume she had to buy in preparation: vampire fangs. The rest was already in her wardrobe. *grin* She won a costume prize at the Blood & Steel Vampire Ball. (Okay, I'll stop referring to myself in the 3rd person now.)

Dorchester's Shoe Party, RT 2008, PittsburghAnd the BOOTS! I not only wore them, I danced in them. A lot! They're really not uncomfortable, although after a few drinks they (and I) got a bit wobbly. With denim camisole and short-shorts, plus my white leather jacket, I was a perfect tramp -- and I won another costume prize. No, the boots weren't already in my wardrobe. *wink* I bought them 'specially for RT.

Lastly, although not a picture of ME ME ME, my computer's wallpaper has been replaced with a view of the 'Burgh from the Duquesne Incline. It's the setting (albeit at night) of a scene in Artistically Bound, the book that Phaze put in the goody room this year. Will & I made a trip up to Mount Washington on Monday afternoon to get some daytime photos of the view to accompany the night shots we took in December.

Duquesne Incline, Pittsburgh
Time to get back to work. I've got a lot of catching up to do -- plus some serious organization for the life changes ahead.

peace & passion,

~ Alessia

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