Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Off to the 'Burgh

As soon as I shower & finish packing, I'll be heading for Pittsburgh. It's gonna be a busy convention, and this introvert is trying not to feel overwhelmed. Plus, my mojo's been MIA for weeks, so it's tough to summon the enthusiasm I'm gonna need to make the event a success both professionally and socially.

This, however, is helping. A lot. Have a listen to Tula's Sex Shoes. (So totally not kid/work-safe!) I have it on loop, and every play is coaxing that elusive mojo back a little bit at a time. It helps that these are the boots I'm wearing Saturday night. Uh huh.

In addition to attending as many of the E-BOOK & E-MARKETING sessions as I can manage, here's a rundown of where you can find me over the next few days ...

Wednesday 5-7p: eBook Expo

Wednesday 8:30p-Midnight: Ellora's Cave Fantasy Party.
I'll be the cross-dresser in the grey herringbone tuxedo.

Thursday 9a-12p, 2-6p: Club RT.
I'll be manning the Phaze table the majority of that time. However, from 3-4p on Thursday, I'll be at the All Romance eBooks table.

Thursday 8:30p-Midnight: Under the Sea Faery Ball Dinner & Dance.
I'll be in mermaid costume, feeling way self-conscious. I anticipate needing large quantities of confidence lubricant in the form of vanilla vodka.

Friday 9a-12p, 2-6p: Club RT.
At the Phaze table again, except for a brief break for...

Friday 3-3:30p: Publisher Spotlight - Phaze
Since Kat can't make it this year, I'll be hosting Phaze's session. *gulp* That means I have to act all professional. After the first two nights' parties, I'll probably feel like roadkill.

Friday 8:30p-Midnight: Blood & Steel Vampire Ball, Dinner & Dance.
Look for me in all black leather... with fetish gear accessories.

Saturday 11a-2p: Book Fair.
Will & I will be showing a couple of Literotica pals around.

Saturday 9p-12a: Dorchester's "These Boots Are Made For Strutting" Party.
White patent leather thigh-high lace-up 5" platform boots. 'Nuff said. (I'll probably be dancing barefoot by 10. *wink*)

In between all these events, maybe I'll find time to sleep. Hope to see you in the 'Burgh!

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