Monday, May 22, 2006

Eternal Night Reviews 'Switch'

An interesting, very erotic short tale set with the continuing characters from Alessia Brio's previous book Erotique.

Amanda is the proprietor of a famous sex toy shop and museum of erotica, some of which have can create some very interesting paranormal circumstances. Both she and her boyfriend Bruce have been working long hours, often resorting to just staying at the shop overnight, settling for whatever time they can carve out for themselves. Tonight, however there is a large storm brewing and both Amanda and Bruce decide it's time to take off a bit early and enjoy the show Mother Nature is set to put on.

Leaving the shop to another employee to close, they head home for an evening of delightful erotic revelry with an erotic picnic in bed just for two intending to tryout a new toy the shop had just received in stock, but when the power surges, more than just their libido becomes charged.

Now being a rather short, but very hot, story, I can only tell you that the resulting test becomes slightly skewed. What makes this a gem of a story is the descriptions from both male and female points of view of their very sensual interactions and the added input from the male point of view gives the story very neat new dimensions adding enormously to the eroticism. This is highly entertaining story with delightful verbal interplay between Amanda and Bruce as well as a sizzling script for a very unusual, very hot picnic. You will definitely grin every time you think of a picnic after reading this.

Reviewed by Leola Brooks

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