Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Enchanted Ramblings reviews 'Switch'

Switch by Will Belegon, Alessia Brio
4 Magical Wands

ISBN: 1-59426-558-5
Published By: Phaze
Review Date: 24 May 2006
Reviewed by Autiotalo

Mandy, the owner of a sex toy shop, and her boyfriend Bruce decide to try out one of the latest toys – electric nipple clamps. After enjoying a picnic in bed, they're getting ready to enjoy each other when a thunderstorm interrupts their fun, causing something rather strange to occur – they swap bodies! When the shock wears off, Mandy and Bruce decide to explore their new bodies – and the pleasure they can give each other.

This is a short, sassy story with hot sex and a touch of humour. If you're looking for a quick read, it would be a good bet. For this reviewer, though, there was something missing: a lack of empathy with the characters meant I felt detached from the action, and I wish it had been a longer story as Mandy and Bruce seemed very accepting of their experience. The two different perspectives from the male and female author worked well, and I would like to see something lengthier and more plot-driven from this writing duo, as they have a great style.

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