Monday, May 15, 2006

Bare Back Review

Switch is the sequel to Alessia Brio's ebook Erotique. Switch continues the story of the two characters Bruce and Amanda.

After not having any quality time due to working on the operations of Erotique, a famous sex toy shop and museum, the lovers decide to spend quality time together in their apartment on a stormy night.

Once in their apartment, the couple find creative and delicious play to heighten each other's passion. The couple's playful love making antics and the surge from the storm causes them to switch bodies.

Bruce and Amanda turn up the power of their passion when their roles are reversed. In the process they learn how to pleasure each other in ways that they have never imagined. The story takes them to a whole new level of sexual pleasure. The lovers discover the physical, and emotional differences that differs between men and women.

The story is playful, romantic, funny and very hot.

The story is well written; once the characters switch bodies, the sexual fun is brought up a notch and you are left wondering what will happen next. This is a must read.

Alessia and Will did a great job on the sequel. Five stars out of five.

Reviewed by Natasha Brooks
(to be posted June 1, 2006)

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