Monday, February 12, 2007


AmichuMrs. Giggles reviewed Amichu. I'm not gonna comment about the review itself on this blog. If you wanna read my thoughts, pop on over to MySpace.

Amichu is the latest sexual adventure of Mandy and Bruce (Erotique, Switch). Well, after experiencing their body switch, they've now switched back into their old bodies again for an adventure to Rapa Nui to collect an artefact, a "huamanga carving", for their antique shop Erotique. As you can predict, these two spend most of their journey on their back.

Perhaps it is tough to follow up to a body switch act, but nonetheless Amichu is a disappointing story. The sex scenes are pretty mundane when I'm expecting the authors to at least incorporate some wild conga jungle monkey sex here or there. In fact, the story ends when our boinking twosome reach their destination so the story is less exotic that I'm led to believe. I'm hoping for more erotic jungle fever moments like Ms Brio has offered me in her collection of short stories fine flickering hungers but Amichu, at only 30 pages, is just begging me to ask in a most sarcastic manner, "Why is this short little thing even published in the first place?"

The sex isn't as good as that in the previous book and the story is actually half a story since it ends abruptly as if it's initially meant to be a part of a longer story. I believe these two authors are actually some of the few romantic erotica authors capable of writing erotic stories that actually make me curl my toes so it is a waste if they insist on putting out half-baked stories like Amichu. Why not wait a while to expand the story a little more and then publish it? Maybe Mommy needs new shoes, I suppose. I understand that the authors and Phaze have plans to package all the boinkersome adventures of Paul [sic] and Mandy into one collection. I'd suggest that people wait for that collection to come out instead of paying for something as short and unsatisfyingly truncated as Amichu.

Rating: 51

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