Monday, May 19, 2008

With Pride's First Review

Coming Together: With PrideI'm not the least bit surprised to read a glowing, A+ review about this book. As an editor, the quality of the submissions simply blew me away. Here's what Shira from Simply Romance Reviews had to say:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Coming Together - With Pride. This collection of stories and poems took me on an emotional roller coaster- joy, pain, arousal, laughter, enlightenment, love, disgust, passion, and submission. Every story was an eye-opener.

These stories were perfect in the way that they complimented each other and fit together in harmony. I highly recommend this book not just because all the proceeds go towards a greatly needed cause but because it was a beautiful collection of stories that I felt came straight from each author's soul.
Coming Together: With Pride goes on sale (ebook & print) in less than 3 weeks!

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Crystal Jordan said...

Congrats on the awesome review!