Monday, May 19, 2008

Philly Book Festival

Philly Book Festival sign
Well, I'm home. Even with the Sunday afternoon rains, which cut the day short, the Festival was a smashing success! Many thanks to Tilly Greene, Stella Price, and the rest of the East Coast Authors event organizers for doing such a terrific job. I look forward to next year, when I hope to do a little sightseeing in addition to pimpin' my books. There are murals all over the downtown area. This one (below) was on the building adjacent to the parking lot on 19th and Callowhill. I'd love to see them all.
Mural on 19th & Callowhill
With 11 authors sharing two tent-booths, we were each limited to 18" in display space along the front tables. I was very glad I recently unearthed my old laptop case. It makes the perfect compact display.

Brio display
The event was very well attended. Most of the time, I was in the street, passing out bookmarks and candy. Of course, no street fair is complete without an appearance by the 501st. Saturday afternoon, the Stormtroopers stopped for a photo. Sunday, I snagged Darth Vadar. "Darth!" I squealed, throwing my arms wide. In his breathy, mechanical voice, he replied, "I missed you!" as he swept me into a hug. *grin*

Brio & Stormtroopers, Philly Book Festival 2008
In addition, there were various characters roaming the streets -- Wild Things, Pat the Bunny, Pooh, jugglers, etc. I heard, but didn't get to see, Bernadette Peters perform. The main stage was around the corner. Everyone said Barbara Walters gave a great talk, too. I was busy selling books -- and, happily, it was my most successful event to date. I came home with far fewer books. :)

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