Friday, May 16, 2008

Off to Philly

Philadelphia Book FestivalWell, I'm off to the Philadelphia Book Festival for the weekend where I'll be signing and schmoozing with the East Coast Authors. Apparently, we have primo real estate, as our booths are #29-30 between Wood and Callowhill on 19th Street, near the Free Library entrance where the restrooms are. Everybody has to pass by us in order to pee. How sweet is that? We might not snag 'em on their way IN, but we'll get 'em on their way OUT -- and we'll give 'em candy. Smut writers with candy. Perhaps I should wear my trench coat.

The Program Exhibitors page says:

[29-30] East Coast Authors
Shake up your reading with East Coast Authors Christine Norris, Philippa Grey-Gerou, Alessia Brio, Leigh Ellwood, Karyna DaRosa, Rayna Vause, Donna Michaels, Bridget Midway, Cat Johnson, Robin Slick, Stella Price, and Tilly Greene. From YA to Erotica, dark fantasy to contemporary, altruistic anthologies to single titles, there's something for everyone.
Anyway, if you're anywhere near Philly this weekend, please hit the Book Festival and stop by our booth. I'll give you candy! *wink*

peace & passion,

~ Alessia

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