Saturday, November 05, 2005


I'm eating up these delicious Erotique reviews with a spoon!

From Romance Reviews Today (Terrie Figueroa):

When her Aunt Viv dies unexpectedly, Mandy finds her plans for graduate school put on hold so that she can fulfill the stipulations of her aunt’s will to inherit the sex shop and museum that’s been in her family for generations. Mandy runs the shop per her aunt’s stipulations for the prescribed period, and while there, learns that even sex toys have a story to tell.

Will the haunted objects in the museum lure Mandy to her demise? And what will happen when Bruce, her best-friend gets in on some of the action? A tale of sexuality and lust, EROTIQUE takes Mandy and her best friend Bruce on a erotic adventure they never expected and which they might not survive. EROTIQUE is as hot and erotic as its title implies.

From author Lisa Bradley (5 of 5 stars):

"Alessia Brio’s ‘Erotique’ is one of the most finely crafted short stories I’ve read in a long time. Clever phrasing and witty dialogue keep the pace moving through this fascinating and sexy story involving historical and sometimes ancient sex toys. It is obviously superbly well researched, and the author has a real knack for description that brings every object and experience to life. An intriguing and sizzling hot read! I cannot recommend this story, and this author, highly enough, and look forward to whatever Ms. Brio has in store for us next!"

From author Selah March:

"Alessia's ability to blend humor with edgy sexual experimentation, likeable characters and truly fascinating research is something to behold. I was riveted. Made me forget to eat breakfast -- and that NEVER happens. ;-)"

From Victoria Skezas (5 of 5 stars):

"With a light and humorous touch, Brio combines hot action, creepy atmosphere and fascinating history. A quick, fulfilling read."

From TCM Reviews (Robyn Ashford):

"Ancient sex toys haunted by users long gone. Mandy inherits the family business, Erotique. In order to inherit the business, she must stay overnight in the shop. This sounds easy, that is until Mandy realizes that some of collectables at the shop come with rather overwhelming experiences.

"A great original and clever take on the stereotypical you have to stay in the place overnight to inherit the property horror theme. No horror here though and she never does have to actually stay the night alone. Mandy and her boyfriend Bruce do have some stimulating and arousing experiences though as they take stock of the shop’s special exhibits."

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