Saturday, August 06, 2005

Meet Peitro

Ever wonder how the rain forest gets so steamy? Here's another excerpt from "Wetter Has Never Been Better."

* * *

Without speaking, Pietro backed Stormy against a tree and playfully bit her bottom lip. Her hands slid easily down the back of his shorts and grabbed his smooth, rock hard ass. Stormy’s mouth watered. If all of Pietro was as yummy as what she now had in her hands, she was in for a real treat.

Stormy nearly drooled as she removed his sweatshirt to discover well-sculpted pecs and abs. Not that muscle bound body builder stuff; just lean and defined and absolutely scrumptious. Pietro’s chest was as smooth and as hairless as his ass, and she hungrily explored his flawless caramel skin. Like a kid in a candy store -- not sure what to taste next! However, the past three hours of teasing and flirting left Stormy in no mood for mere appetizers. She wanted her main course. Now.

There were times, and this was one of them, when Stormy focused entirely on the giving. When this happened, she wanted nothing more than to thoroughly satisfy her partner. Oddly enough, it often made her feel selfish – as though she denied her lover the opportunity to please her – although it was never her intent to engender an obligation to reciprocate. She’d rather a lover simply accept her gift in the spirit with which it was given.

Switching places with Pietro, she put his back to the tree and pulled on the drawstring of his shorts, further loosening it. Stormy’s fingers trembled with anticipation as she began to unwrap her entree. She knelt, wanting to breathe the musky air that had enveloped him before it was released into the jungle.

That first deep breath, that inhalation of intimate scents, was intoxicating. It filled Stormy’s nostrils as her tongue reached, of its own accord, for the single glistening drop at the very end of Pietro’s rigid cock. Delicately, with something approaching reverence, Stormy traced the corona with the tip of her tongue and took just the glans into her mouth. Only then did she finish pushing his shorts down to his ankles, allowing her hands to slowly climb back up the inside of Pietro’s legs.

* * *