Monday, November 13, 2006

The Eternal Night Reviews Amichu


This is the 3rd delightfully erotic romp for Alessia Brio. The story follows Mandy, who inherited Erotique, a successful upscale sex boutique and erotic museum and her lawyer boyfriend. While this is a short story it fulfils its promise with plenty of delicious titillation and even throws in a bit of mystery.

When a mysterious letter arrives requesting Mandy's deceased Aunt travel to Easter Island to retrieve and transport an artifact for the Museum, Mandy and Bruce decide to go themselves to see about the artifact. What lies ahead will no doubt cause you to think twice about the power of fertility artifacts from ancient civilizations and stop for a few moments longer the next time you visit a museum displaying such items.

Another terrific tale written with both humor and heat from a talented writing duo with interesting insights into the sexual psyches from the both points of view of both sexes.

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