Tuesday, November 13, 2007

30% Off ArtiFactual

ArtiFactualQuestion: What's better than a collection of four, fun, sexy Mandy & Bruce novellas under one cover?

Answer: A collection of four, fun, sexy Mandy & Bruce novellas under one cover and ON SALE!

Now at CyberRead, you can download ArtiFactual: Tales of the Erotique Mystique for 30% off the cover price. That's 58,000 words of haunted sex toys, Indiana Jones-style adventure, legal drama, and plentiful hot sex for less than the price of a Saturday afternoon matinée.

Just enter COUPON CODE 111007 at checkout!

Finally, in one volume, are the sizzling erotic adventures of Mandy and Bruce, connoisseurs of sexual pleasure, with or without batteries! ArtiFactual features the original tales Erotique, Switch (a Preditors & Editors Reader's Poll Winner!) and the exotic Amichu. Also included is the never before published novella Closing Arguments, where sexual desire is put on trial. Just as lawyer Bruce's courtroom savvy doesn't seem enough to save Mandy's shop, along comes help in the form of the delightful, and spirited, Aunt Viv.

I found this a thoroughly delightful erotic romp, complete with adventure, plenty of sex, and a few mysteries. The unusual items for sexual pleasure were especially intriguing. Amanda and Bruce are well suited to each other, playing off each other’s strengths. They complement each other well. I found a touch of comedy in one chapter that really had me going. I laughed so hard tears streamed from eyes and it took me a few minutes to start reading again. I loved it! The amount of detail the authors use in describing the items in the museum and their backgrounds reflected a thorough of the subject matter, incorporated well into the story without reading as a lecture. I recommend this story to anyone looking for a hot read on the beach or in the bed. You’ll laugh with Bruce and Amanda, snarl with them, and solve the puzzles and mysteries as they wind their way toward each other and a great partnership. ~ The Romance Studio

If ebooks aren't your thing, ArtiFactual is also available in print (and eligible for Free Super-Saver Shipping) from Amazon.com

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