Saturday, January 05, 2008

Say it loud ...

and, yeah, say it proud:

I am a Litizen!

What is a Litizen?
A Litizen is a registered Literotica member who posts material (stories/poetry) on the main site and/or participates on its forums. I do both. Well, I rarely post new material there anymore. Some older stuff is still there for perusal, but I'm gradually removing it in favor of paying venues. I'm still active on the forums, though, particularly the Author's Hangout.

There are over three quarters of a million Litizens. Some (probably the majority) are just readers. Some are crude, brash, and damned near illiterate. Others are courteous, educated, and extremely talented. They all share a hearty appreciation of eroticism.
LiteroticaDoes being a Litizen define me?
No more or less than my many other labels: woman, mother, author, activist/advocate, cover artist, editor, philanthropist, brunette, rebel, pantheist, bisexual, 40-something, intelligent, humble, demure, impulsive, etc. (I'm sure there are a few more that others would apply. Goddess, maybe. *wink* Oh, and I was recently called a "fucking artist." I like that one because of the various ways it can be parsed.)
Do I care if readers (or potential readers) are aware of my writing roots?
Heavens, no! I dedicated my first book to the "wonderfully supportive denizens of the Literotica Author's Hangout." So, it's certainly something I've never attempted to hide. The e-venue is home to some of the most caring, compassionate, talented, and generous people I have ever had the privilege to meet. I consider it an honor to call them friends and even more of an honor that they call me the same (among other things). It is there I met my partner, Will Belegon. It is there that Coming Together was born (or hatched).

The Lit forums can be an intimidating, exhilarating place. As I recently wrote in an email: "The discussion forums are a zoo--a wild, uncensored, hedonistic zoo--and I absolutely adore them for that very reason." I seldom stray outside the Author's Hangout, but I have ventured over to the Poetry Feedback & Discussion forum or the General Board on occasion. (The latter is the biggest, most active forum and, arguably, the wildest.)
I recently witnessed an alarming example of narrow minds and mob mentality defining a group of authors as incestuous pedophiles, simply because of their association with Literotica. It was reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition and other similar persecutions.

This morning, I read a blog post advising authors against advertising their association with Literotica, lest they be painted with an unfavorable brush. Um, no. I refuse to be ashamed of something that is not shameful. So, once more:

I am a Litizen!

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