Monday, June 23, 2008

Surrender Released!

Back cover blurb:

Breaking Skye by Eden Bradley
Skye Ballard dreams of sexual submission. Convinced that all it will take to purge the yearning is one night, she searches for the perfect Dominant. But Adam Dunne, exceeds her wildest dreams. Skye soon discovers that being with him only makes her crave more and that one night will not be enough. Beginning with the idea of training her for someone else, all Adam can think of is breaking Skye and keeping her for himself.

Submissive Secrets by Eliza Gayle
After eight years, Carli's ex-fiancée, Aidan, shows up naked in her bed. Will she have the nerve to tell him the truth about herself and why she ran from him? Forced to return on a mission, he just wants to get the hell out of town, until a thorough search of Carli's home unearths some secrets that shock him to the core. With this new information, a plan formulates. Aidan is determined to discover just how far Carli will go.

Cupid's Captive by Reese Gabriel
John Cupid is a sensual Dominant with no use for love, until he's roped into taking Steffy out for Valentine's Day. He expects a night of baby-sitting, but Steffy is all grown up and knows what she wants: a chance to be tied down and ravished by the man she used to call "Uncle John." He tries to resist, but the beauty proves to be the perfect slave for him. Is John about to be hit by one of his namesake's infamous arrows?

Listen to Me by Alessia Brio
A bonus short by an EPPIE Award-winning author, poet, and editor of the philanthropic Coming Together anthology series.

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Mysti Holiday said...

That is one great cover!! Congratulations :-)