Thursday, July 08, 2010

A New Interview

I recently responded to a request rec'd via my website's "contact me" form from a new review site preparing to launch, Deviant Divas. I completed an interview and submitted a book (Ripe) for review. The interview & review were posted on July 4th, which I learned only after a Google Alert notified me. You can read the interview HERE. (Do try to overlook the typos in the interview questions. I suppressed the urge to edit them while completing the interview.) The review (and I use the term lightly) can be read in one sentence, which I'll paste below. I kid you not. One sentence. One sentence in need of editing, at that!
"Alessia Brio's Ripe is a fast pace action short story with an erotic twist."
That's it. The entire review. At least they spelled my name right. Live & learn, eh?

peace & passion,

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