Monday, October 15, 2007

Green Sex

Sideling HillSideling Hill, June 2006

Today is Blog Action Day, and that got me thinking about sex in the great outdoors. I've written quite a bit of it... and "researched" even more.

Check out the outdoor antics in "Wetter Has Never Been Better" (the lead story in my EPPIE Award-winning anthology, fine flickering hungers). In it, you'll find a threesome in the pool at the base a waterfall, girl sex at the volcanic hot springs, and a mouth-watering blow job in the rain forest -- all set in Costa Rica.

Capping that same anthology is "Boiling Point," which involves sex while bound to a tree.

"Pura Vida!" (included in Phaze Fantasies I, also set in Costa Rica) features sex on the beach and in an open-air bungalow.

In Double Header, Will & I wrote some steamy sex in a roadside field. "Amichu" (one of the stories in ArtiFactual) contains a supernatural sex scene in the snow of the Peruvian Andes. And San Diego Sunset culminates in an encounter on Black's Beach.

Lastly, in my Phaze Flare "Pantheism 101" (a free download), there's rather ethereal sex in a park during a rainstorm.

So ... tell me about YOUR experiences (or your fantasies) between Mother Nature's legs!

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