Saturday, June 20, 2009


If you're a writer of romance or erotic romance, you're probably well aware of the kerfuffle about RWA's stance on epublishing and epublishers (a/k/a "author mills"). It's the same tired song, but--thanks to Kristen Painter and ESPAN, a new-ish RWA chapter for epublished authors--there appears to be more (and more organized) energy pushing for change. (There is also a Yahoo!Group for those interested.)

When the RWAchange [at] account was established to coordinate a ribbon campaign for next month's conference, I offered to design an e-ribbon for use on blogs & such ('cause grassroots advocacy just turns me on). Deidre Knight said "Go!" and the results are below. There are also T-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. in Coming Together's Cafe Press shop.*


Images are also hosted here: Change e-ribbon 1a.jpg Change e-ribbon 2a.jpg Change e-ribbon 3a.jpg

Folks are welcome to link directly to the images if they wish. (Oh, and follow the madness on Twitter with the #rwachange hashtag.)

peace & passion,

* If there are any other products you'd like to see there, just leave a comment. I primarily focused on buttons, stickers, and summer apparel/T-shirts, but Cafe Press has many more options.


Melissa Schroeder said...

SWEET! I love it.

Tracy Preston - Romance Writer said...

Great job! I've already switched my MySpace photo to this ribbon. The minority is fast becoming the majority, and it's time they started listening!


Anonymous said...

I devoted my banner space at the top of my site to this

I'm rooting for you guys.

April Morelock aka foxhawke

Maddie James said...

I'm making placed for them on all my sites. Thanks Alessia!